Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion

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‘Graphic Design for Fashion’
Design byBOTH AKA Jay Hess & Simone Pasztorek
Photography PSC Photography
As the title implies, Graphic Design for Fashion opens the door to the world of graphic design for fashion bringing together a well-curated selection of contemporary work, accompanied by interviews in which the studios reveal something of their process for expressing themselves creatively and exclusive insights into the projects themselves – similar to the way I do things on SI.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Jay on the ‘The Cover’
“The cover was printed with three or 4 spot colours with an exposed trimmed edge. The front cover has the graphic design studio names debossed and the reverse has the fashion designers names.
We intentionally did not put our names on the front cover, because it just did not fit in the design, it was so tight… We did want our credit on the spine to wrap into the back cover to link it into the design of the back cover, YES, the publisher was horrified… But this is the benefit of being author and designer, you only step on your own toes…
Overall, we wanted a cover that people want to pick up, this is achieved by the colour… Structurally though, it is completely in line with what we have been doing on the inside. The cover shows best the scale of the objects too, which was painstakingly maintained throughout each page so it feels like all the objects were simply laying down next to each other.”
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
The book leads in with some nice, glossy endpapers, before getting right down to business on some heavy uncoated stock denoting chapter intros, followed by lighter uncoated stock for the image-heavy chapters, as Jay explains: “We settled for two weights of uncoated woodfree paper – lighter for the chapters and heavier for the chapter intro pages – to try and create a bit of a subtle click as you flick through the pages, so you know where the chapter begins and ends.”
Inside each chapter (there are 4) is a perfectly formed selection of branding, invitations, lookbooks and packaging with lovely, full-bleed colour images of each project photographed by PSC Photography. “The book simply would not be the same with supplied imagery,” says Jay. “We just wanted all the work to be equal, on a level playing field which is not possible with supplied imagery. We have not just shown the best bits in extreme close up, we have tried to show the body of work; a collective body of graphic design for fashion.”
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Acne Art Department
This is a small selection of the vast array of branding material. Clockwise from top right are jeans labels, denim buttons, a compliments slips and a receipt envelope.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
While the debut issue N°0 was only available digitally, the success of Journal de Nîmes justified its launch into a quarterly duotone newspaper. With an oversized format of 30 x 42cm, the publication explores the aesthetic world of Tenue de Nîmes. Like the brand, denim is the primary focus, yet related products and accessories are features as well. The magazine allows in-depth analysis of the heritage and projected future of denim.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Relevant to the materiality and hardwearing qualities of denim, this special heavyweight cotton bag reinforces the brand values outside the retail environment. Attention to detail is shown by the notably shorter handles to provide more balanced proportions.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Paul Boudens for Yohji Yamamoto
With central perforations these A5 cards were delivered in translucent metallic envelopes. Boudens invests heavily in the materiality of each project.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Small
The men’s collection is seasonally presented in Paris as a static exhibitions. For the invitations Small use the details of the installation or venue as inspiration. The Spring/Summer 2009 collection presentation was fixed to large wooden boards with punched holes that went on to influence the invititation. “The invitations have relevance to the location but do not give much away about the collection.”
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Julia Born
“The concept for the design is very simple: we show ten life-sized photographs throughout the book. The cut-up posters, piled up and folded together into the book generate a dramaturgy and layout where new combinations and figures are invented on each spread. It’s almost a remake – a ‘Part 2′ as it were – of the collection itself with new pieces of clothing, poses, fabrics, etc. The system of compiling is subtly visible when the ‘narrative’ goes from head, down to feet, and back again.”
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Plug-In Graphic for Journal Standard
“The material used for the cover is waxed, brown craft paper, which gives the book a unique feel when touched. When I cannot find the paper with the right texture, I sometimes use printing techniques to create the ideal texture, and this is one such example.” The Autumn/Winter 2005/06 Journal Standard lookbook was also embellished with scribbles on the page to establish a used aesthetic. A shift in the team saw Ryotaro Horiuchi take over the photography of the publication.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Plug-In Graphic for Journal Standard
A fluctuating mix of paper stocks and contextual content builds a strong narrative around the Spring/Summer 2009 Journal Standard Luxe collection. At 17.5 x 24cm the quarter-bound hardcover lookbook feels more academic than fashion.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Homework for Fleur Tang
“Fleur Tang garments and packaging are made with 100 percent organic materials. From the cotton in the mills to the manufacturing, every process is done with the environment in mind – and without harmful chemicals. A piece of clothing with peace of mind.: – The minimal design aesthetic features a single logo embossed onto each package. Substantial effort was invested in developing an innovative closure for the box to enhance the uniqueness of the experience.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Marque
The Victor Alfaro shoe range features complementary casual and luxury collections. To emphasize this distinction two independent shoebox designs were produced. Each line required ballet-, regular-, and boot-sized boxes.
SI Exclusive: Graphic Design for Fashion
Design: Mind Design
“Tom had a large influence on the design of the packaging but gave us total freedom in the actual graphics and typography. For the Eco Polo we did not want to use ant printing on the packaging and labels at all, so the design was embossed into a recycled, egg carton-like material. For the Techno Polo Tom suggested a silver, vacuum-packed foil packaging that was screen-printed.”
The kind of book where you can jump in anywhere, GD for Fashion is an accessible, easy read and the layout complements it so well. As Jay explains: “The book is broken into four chapters, from that, we made a quadrant typographic grid, each chapter, and each quad, adopting a weight from Franklin Gothic. It was broken down very simply and very quickly, nothing fussy, but a subtle evolution through the book.” It has to be said that the quadrant typographic system employed throughout the book is a slight departure from what I’m used to but it works really well.
There was very, very little I didn’t like in GD for Fashion, but the things I did like more than made up for it! This is a testament to how much time and energy went in to the making of this tome and its a fine example of how to do a curated “best of” compendium right. If this is Mr. Hess and Miss Pasztorek’s first book then the future looks bright for these two authors/designers.

Highly rated for your 606 Universal Shelving System this autumn/fall. ;)

I hope you (dear reader) took something away from this review and enjoyed this SI Exclusive – this is just a small glimpse of what you can expect in the book! Keep your eyes peeled for more super-high-res images on the SI Flickr Gallery some time this week! I’d also like to take a few seconds to thank Lewis @Laurence King for sending me a copy of this beauty and author: Jay for sending me the high-res photographs and design info. Cheers gents!
Graphic design for Fashion is available online at Laurence King and at all good book shops.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week

Montreal Fashion Week and Opening of Parliament: Trend: Grey... some stripes.

Gallery Image
By David dixon, and typical trend at MFW, Spring 2011

Gallery Image
A model walks the runway for Muse by Christian Chenail for Spring-Summer 2011 during Montreal Fashion Week at the Bonsecours Market, Sept. 27, 2010. (Kim Payant/QMI AGENCY)

Gallery Image

David Dixon at Montreal Fashion Week, for the first time!
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Now that Montreal Fashion Week has ended,

Spring dress,
Still grey

Gallery Image
A model shows the clothes for Helmer’s Spring-Summer 2011 collection during Montreal Fashion Week at Marche Bonsecours, Sept. 27, 2010. (Kim Payant/QMI AGENCY)

Meanwhile @ parliament:

Here is a review of style trends:

Low on colour
Line and shape
Denis Gagnon is amazing(see this shoe!!!)

I met and absolutely love the man, while interviewing at Montreal Fashion week.

Parliament is back in session.

Here is a review of style trends:

-Black suits,
-Grey suits for women
Maria Mourani of Bloc Quebecois wore beautiful yellow colourful blouse with some blue black green streaks, looked amazing.
-Harper has been spotted with a Liberal-red tie.
-Partisanship has hit the turban!Bright blue Sikh Turbans for conservatives, Bright red sikh turbans for Liberals.
-One party leader wore a blue shirt, grey suit, and a red tie!!!!
-Suits- fewer buttons, the better, although Harper's sharp three button suit had the lower buttons correctly unbuttoned to obtain more of a v-shape. Harper is the living proof of the phrase: a suit makes a man. His wife did not receive as rave reviews at G8.

Here is the Hill with some colour.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Joseph Aboud for the American Army???

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JOE Joseph Abboud®,  a collection of sportswear, tailored clothing, dress furnishings, footwear and accessories for men, in conjunction with partners JC Penney and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) launches the national campaign, "Welcome Home JOE," which will give away one million dollars in certificates to military men and women to purchase professional attire as they transition to the civilian workforce. This initiative seeks to honor and help support America's next generation of veterans as they pursue career opportunities after their military service.

From October 1st through the 8th veterans can register to claim a $200 JOE Joseph Abboud® gift certificate, redeemable beginning October 8th. With veterans returning home to one of the nation's most difficult economic climates, thousands of returning service men and women are struggling to find work. This unique partnership demonstrates the importance of working together to provide vets with the benefits and resources they need to ensure a successful future.

Starting at $22.00 JOE Joseph Abboud's® affordable workwear parlays the stylish integrity and expert tailoring that the Joseph Abboud luxury brand is widely recognized for.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the nation’s first and largest non-profit, nonpartisan organization for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has partnered with JCPenney and JA Apparel Corp., makers of JOE Joseph Abboud®, to launch “Welcome Home Joe,” a national campaign that provides Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with $1 million in certificates to purchase professional attire as they transition to the civilian workforce. With over two million servicemen and women who deployed as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Welcome Home Joe seeks to honor and help support America’s next generation of veterans as they pursue career opportunities after their military service in one of the toughest economies in decades and thousands are struggling to find employment. This partnership demonstrates the importance of working together to provide these vets with the benefits and resources they need to ensure a successful future.

Anthony Sapienza, chief executive officer of JA ApparelCorp, said “By helping veterans during their re-entry into the civilian workforce, we are able to thank them for their service to our country.”

View footage from a shoot of and read more about some of the military servicemembers who served overseas by visiting www.jcp.com/WelcomeHomeJoe.

Check out www.IAVA.org or www.jcp.com/WelcomeHomeJoe for more information.

Should Canada consider such an initiative??? A question to ask to some of our parliamentarians :-)

The Wardrobe Stylist: MFW 18th edition Designer opinion on Canadian financial situation

The Wardrobe Stylist: MFW 18th edition Designer opinion on Canadian financial situation: "Tabs"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Live blogging from Montreal fashion week

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I am in the media room, buzzing with news, where the press writes between breaks. Just finished the shows. Loved modeling for Adolfo's creations. Life is fabulous! More later. Check out Adoflo's A&B creations.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

W's In A Fashion Minute contest

Fashion Photographer Tim Walker, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, W magazine Creative Director Jody Quon, and Director Douglas Keeve have been announced as the judges for W magazine’s ‘In A Fashion Minute’ Contest.

W magazine’s ‘In a Fashion Minute’ is looking for the next STAR filmmaker and we’re looking to your stylish and talented readers for submissions—the chance of a lifetime to be noticed by the fashion elite.

We’re asking readers to submit a creative one-minute video of their interpretation of the best style moment of the season. The winner will be included in W’s first-ever online film festival launching this November.

Here’s how: Log-on to wmagazine.com/fashiononfilm to upload your video along with a short description about the film and yourself. Our expert panel of judges will review your submissions and select 20 finalists to which W readers will vote for their favorite. The top 20 videos will be featured among W’s online film festival for readers to browse and vote. Then, our EXPERT panel of judges will pick the best from the top 20! The Fashion Minute winner will be announced and featured on wmagazine.com in December and awarded a $1,000 prize.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

|FAT| Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week

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 |FAT| Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week

APRIL 25, 2010  
11AM – 5PM   

|FAT| Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week, concludes it’s 5th year anniversary by presenting |FAT| Market. |FAT| Market is an industry viewing and designer sample sale that looks to promote the inventive fashions of the festival. It is a timely extension of |FAT|’s mandate to connect emerging designers with industry, media and the public. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED INVITE FOR INDUSTRY VIEWING 
Industry professional are invited for viewing of collections to have at meeting designers and viewing their collections.
|FAT| Market also welcomes the public for a buying opportunity. With 18 designers collections, the public will be able to purchase items hot off the runway.
|FAT| Market is a much needed venue to generate a dialogue between designer and potential clients. It is a platform to translate the innovative catwalk shows into opportunities for production, advertising work and magazine editorials. The Market is a great way for these creative artists to promote their company and build commercial prospects by furthering brand awareness and increasing public interest.
|FAT| Market will feature 20 national and international designers from the 2010 |FAT| lineup, including Kirsty McKenzie, Felicia Burke, Dayna Philips, Dystropolis, youth.inAsia, Fashion Whore, William Pointon, Jessica Mary Clayton, Avendano, Paria Lambina, Sans Soucie, Taessa Chorny, Aimee Tobolka, One Of Us Swimwear, Anúna by Tami & Lubica, Jasper Garvida, Romandin and Melow par Mélissa Bolduc.
* Source: Kevin Joubert |FAT| MARKET